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KOR Equipment Solutions is the leading supplier of Industrial Vacuum Loaders and Combination Drain Cleaning trucks in Australia and New Zealand

KOR is the exclusive distributor of the Cappellotto truck-mounted vacuum and high pressure water jetting equipment. We are focused on creating long term customer value through the importation of 'cutting edge' global technologies that is supported by a range of service offerings underpinned by a culture of excellence and safety.

Our offer includes industrial vacuum trucks, combination water jetting and vacuum units used for the vacuum loading of sewage and drainage waste, cement, stone, rock, soil, sludge etc. High pressure water systems are also provided on our units used for drain cleaning and hydro excavation.

KOR has established a robust strategic partnership with Cappellotto, Europe's largest manufacturer of sewer and drain cleaning equipment and a proven global leader. Additionally, KOR have identified, negotiated and obtained distribution agreements with other leading global manufacturers that supply cutting edge technologies to the industry.

KOR are also the exclusive distributor for Uraca high pressure water jetting pumps and accessories.

Demonstrating our long term commitment to our customers, our team has an operating framework which delivers operator training, equipment auditing, service and maintenance training and general compliance support.

Partnering with Cappellotto - the most advanced technology 

Cappellotto is Europe's largest manufacturer of drain and sewer cleaning units and Industrial Vacuum Trucks. The commitment to engineering, design, research and development is testimony towards the quality of the product, providing tangible operating cost savings to the end user over the life of the machine.